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Alisa Oleva -> Come sit next to me

Terms: intimate interfaces, social choreography, dispersed collectivity, practices of ourselves, coincidance, practice of small movements

To have a rest and to sit next to someone on a bench in a city park is an act of invisible nonverbal communication. Contact without words. Even if it’s fleeting and you’re busy with your own stuff. What kind of person is this? What do I know about this girl? What is my opinion about the person sitting next? What is my Instant opinion?

Alisa Oleva was sitting on one of the Minsk benches from 10 am to 8 pm. She invited everyone to create her “portrait”: “Come, sit down and fix your thoughts and impression of me. Description can be written on paper and you can put it in my bag. sit as many as you want. but let’s agree – no talking.”

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