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Terms: sports interest, intimate interfaces, from the future at the present, psychodata, intoxication, places of transparency, protocols of self-organisation, self-destructing structures, speculative synthesis, tongue and teeth of creativity

“Business bosses tame business bots. They play on the stock exchange, create their own currencies and turn the budgets of small countries. How to approach this? How to deal with this? Let’s play! After all, you need to become a skilled hand before taking on more serious matters. Our sandbox for training is computer economic strategies. After all, the game is a good tool to check if you are a nice economic person! We will test the strength of the economic models in the games SimCity, Tropico 5, General, Anno 2070, Cities XL 2012, or your favorite online strategy. Or maybe you play Minecraft or own a piece in Second Life? Will we stand before the pressure of economic tasks? In the process, you will understand if you are stress-resistant and is the happiness of your wards more important for you  than roads. To the simulative marathon of economic strategies! We will create on their basis our own brave new world or something better, despite obstacles on our way and howling sirens!”

Economic strategies stress test by eeefff - Collage by eeefff  - Courtesy of the authors
Collage by eeefff
Economic strategies stress test by eeefff - Photo by eeefff  - Courtesy of the authors
Photo by eeefff