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Lena Klabukova -> Active rest workshop “Production of tenderness”

Terms: intimate interfaces, social choreography, dispersed collectivity, practices of ourselves, alienation, care virus, practice of small movements, protocols of self-organisation, terror of relationship

Minsk hypnotist / Minsk School of Hypnosis

At the workshop of active recreation, the participants, under the guidance of an experienced hypnotist, fell into a hypnosis / trance, in which affective connections were made with each other (tenderness). A specific method of production was discussed with a local specialist. The specialist works — everyone is relaxing. The participants of the conference had a rest, working for the purpose of their corporation: strengthening of mutual emotional rapport and belief in their just cause. It is important to note that hypnosis involves the desire of the hypnotized to gain this experience, the confidence in the hypnotist and the belief in his ability. In our collective situation, group hypnosis was recognized as the most effective, since more hypnotic participants showed an example of success and caused productive envy in less hypnotic. Those who still did not relax and did not believe it can try self-study of self-hypnosis. Under the link you can find “Self-study of Self-induced hypnosis”

Documentation of active rest workshop “Production of tenderness”. - Photo by Kitty Brandon-James  - Courtesy of the author
Photo by Kitty Brandon-James
Documentation of active rest workshop “Production of tenderness”. by Lena Klabukova - Screenshot of Kitty Brandon-James's video  - Courtesy of the author
Screenshot of Kitty Brandon-James's video