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Maria Semenenko -> Picnic by the staircase

Terms: all to all, dispersed collectivity, exclusion of non-perspective pedestrians, places of transparency, quick knowledge, social choreography, spontaneous grassroots alternative, dacha, dispersed collectivity

A picnic by the staircase raises the following question: “Why not?” A common view is that a good place for a picnic in the city is a park, lawn or somewhere by the water. The entrance of the multi-storey building in a suburb is a transit place. Usually, residents do not stay here long, but want to quickly hide behind the door of the apartment. There are cases of unauthorized transformation of the yard, its domestication — flower beds, fenced with bottles of kefir, installations of old toys, an unwanted chair, locked, so as not to be stolen, a house for a homeless cat, etc. We suggested another way of alternative development of the entrance area — a picnic with friends or neighbors. We sat and rested where for some reason it is not common. Why? We created our view of the usual urban landscape to confirm or, on the contrary, to refute the unwillingness to rest by the staircase.