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Anastasia Vepreva -> Lecture-projection: How to live if you are the left melancholic?

Terms: left melancholy, affective labour, practices of ourselves, digital proletariat, pharmachoreography, self-destructing structures, weak disease, intoxication

If you are so terribly tired, and so terribly disappointed, that everything goes wrong and in the wrong direction, that the apocalypse is already knocking at the door, and the unions do not work, the corporations have seized everything and are watching your every step. If you still try to believe in people, while they deceive you, fuck up, do not look like ideal revolutionaries and do not respond to your expectations, and in general they offend you and your feelings. If all the words have lost their sense and do not mean anything, but you still write about it on Facebook, enjoying your mood and hiding in it from work — what for? — to finally rest and do nothing.

A bright future will come, / But only without us / just need to be patient / never / in spite of / well and to hell with it /