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Anton Sorokin -> Revenge of the Mutant Camels (Game session)

Terms: desire, 8-BIT DESIRE, social choreography, mother-machine, sports interest, intimate interfaces, psychodata, digital proletariat, joy acceleration, pharmachoreography, speculative synthesis, htp, intoxication, repetition

A camel died in the zoo in Minsk. As the agency “Minsk-news” informs, this happened because one of the visitors of the zoo fed the camel with a cellophane package. According to the results of the autopsy of an animal in the body, in addition to cellophane, ropes, children’s mittens, polyethylene, and other objects were also found. The camel is armed with small blue bullets, but can obtain other types of weapons, as well as various bonuses, including Nike sneakers, ecstasy tablets, jambs with marijuana, and apples. The camel has to fight people on flying toilets, English phone booths, Polo mint sweets, exploding sheep, kangaroos on skis, jet aircraft, and others.

Year of manufacture: 1984

Platforms: Amiga, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS

Genre: Horizontally-scrolling shooter

Prizes and awards: # 1 Most weird and stupid plots of all time (Atari ST games, 1992)