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Diskrassvet -> We demand both the thesis and the track!

Terms: all to all, dispersed collectivity, contingency, practices of ourselves, social choreography, 8-BIT DESIRE, yesterday's unalienated celebration, h o o o o o o w w w w w l, joy acceleration, national academy of sciences as witch, pharmachoreography, political dancefloor, rhythm, intoxication

"We demand both the thesis and the track!

And listen and talk; And dance and lie down; And squander the forces, and receive information; And accelerate, and slow down. Is it possible to catch the moment of distinguishing one from the other? We invite all of us to speak out where it is accepted to move, and to include music louder instead of superfluous explanations. And also share the feeling of total exhaustion of both mental and physical resources! We will meet Discrassvet “keep-together-divided”! And respecting the distance, and indulging in diffusion!"

Discrassvet is a new embodiment of Discprosvet, an experimental discursive format that tries to keep itself at different speeds. Discprosvet (and with it and Discrassvet) laughs (and cries) at multitasking and the requirement to quickly switch from one to another, alternating tracks and abstracts from the last subway train and before dawn.