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Terms: dispersed collectivity, psychodata, affective labour, intimate interfaces, outsourcing, extractive capitalism, quick knowledge, digital proletariat, extensions, speculative synthesis, tongue and teeth of creativity, htp, great stone, alienation, repetition

“The human cloud” is a way of organization of work, when a complex set of responsibilities is broken down into simple individual actions that are distributed between thousands and millions of participants of the “cloud”, who are working from the distance all over the world. A separate direction is comprised by tasks, that could not yet be performed by a so called “artificial intelligence”. While accomplishing such tasks the workers simultaneously earn money and improve the algorithms of machine learning. “The human cloud” is one of the opportunities for residents of developing countries to work remotely, but most of the tasks are worth a penny, so people are forced to spend 12-14-16 hours at the computer, constantly monitoring tasks and having no social guarantees.