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Irina Kudrya -> Check the sensor! Pass the exam* on emotional labour! Test-discussion of emotional labour, its appropriation by corporate ethics, empathy and intimacy

Terms: practices of ourselves, affective labour, yesterday's unalienated celebration, psychodata, production drama, extensions, sanatorium, terror of relationship, care virus, weak disease

For more than fifteen years, business academies have been selling, and business corporations have been buying, trainings for developing emotional intelligence and assertive behavior for their employees. More and more often analytical reviews of the labor market speak about the notion of “emotional labor” discussing professional emotional burnout. But what happens in the private sphere, where one is surrounded by relatives and friends? There is almost nothing said about the ability to feel and work emotionally as actual work. Perhaps emotional engagement, being the basis of interpersonal connections, is the ephemeral substance to be protected from the language of business structures? Whether it is appropriate to question work and to use the concept of “labour” when it comes to, for example, intimacy and empathy? In case it is, then who is our friend — the executor or the customer? What if one day the executor bills?

How to “value” emotional stress, service and consumption? What is their unit? What is to be done with the result?

*Only those who have reached the average and above level of feeling and have experience of emotional labor of minimum two developed and realized empathies, are to be examined.