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Lucy Ferrum -> Visual-sound performance with the elements of the booth and the spoken word

Terms: h o o o o o o w w w w w l, intimate interfaces, oriental retromania, practices of ourselves, extensions, pharmachoreography, political dancefloor, terror of relationship, great stone, rhythm

Once Lyudmila Zheleznyak (the great-granddaughter of that sailor-anarchist), during the night in a country caravan, decided to light a small stove. She crumpled up a few newspaper pages, hastily put it under a heap of pine chips, brought a match — and suddenly — the flame lit up: “.. after the discovery of afar australopithecus, general excitement reigned in the camp of scientists, the Beatles song «Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds» played on the tape recorder, which later gave the name to the discovery-Lucy ..” So there was Lucy Ferrum. Starring Pasha Gvozd.