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Roman Aksionov -> Arrange the dots

Terms: quick knowledge, spontaneous grassroots alternative, exploitation of hidden motivation, path stop, sports interest

The game “dots” is well known from school time. Students playing hard, seizing each other’s territories in the notebook, instead of conscientiously receiving information that they proposed. In addition to entertainment and leisure, is this action, somewhat reminiscent of a situational drift, simply the acceleration of the expected result and the effect of the acquired knowledge, as a kind of drug that quickly brings the desired state of pleasure? In part, any knowledge leads to the conquest of its territories, whether it be mental, “monetary” or physical spaces. Modern states are not tired of proving this to us. Despite the tangible social vector of the development of the last century, the general “behavior” does not change in any way. Incorrectly used notebooks, work shifting to rest and fake test of “forces” and “ambitions” in this “battle” is the ironic component of the project, “grafting” on the surplus of the same ambitions.