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Jozi Stolet and Polina Shilkinite -> world of work / world without work

Terms: mother-machine, intimate interfaces, from the future at the present, cyberfeminism, digital proletariat, contingency, irla: an ideal rejection letter to an artist, extensions, sanatorium, self-destructing structures, speculative synthesis, tongue and teeth of creativity, htp, care virus

The project “world of work / world without work” is a project on the border of research and art. Jozi Stolet and Polina Shilkinite are interested in the displacement of the axis of labor in the modern world and in the world of the future. Invisible work of activists, artists, mothers, volunteers requires a new ethic, and this is a political issue. Cooperation with cars, unemployment, basic income. The tension of ethics and politics, directly related to the new ontologies of the modern world, was presented in the form of a lecture given by a robot and a cyber-hut with a map of the visualization of the ethics of the future.