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Postanatomical theatre Maailmanloppu -> “Circumcision of the Boundless Flesh” Musical-installation

Terms: h o o o o o o w w w w w l, corridor anomalies, affective labour, desire, intimate interfaces, mother-machine, practices of ourselves, dispersed collectivity, extensions, terror of relationship, alienation, rhythm

Borderless, foreskin, scalpel, circumcision – performance about the surgery, happiness and futuristic forecasts, bio-hacker, love as an ethical art. the musical move. “Endless Circumcision of the Flesh” / “Circumcision of the Boundless Flesh”

Borderless, foreskin, scalpel, circumcision – installation of tinkling bodies.

Borderless, foreskin, scalpel, circumcision – Musical-installation.

Texts for singing are written by text- generators, libretto- generators, synopsis- generators ).

TEXTUAL example:

If I were your body, I would never let you sew this on.

I’d run from you by my arms, you’d never be alone. I could be your heart, anything you want.

If only I could be your body, I would never let you sew it on me.

Baby, baby. I thought you’d always be mine.

When I met you, my nose did like this: knock-knock like hippos ran over my fingers. And despite the fact that our love battle is all that we have, we have to stand still, lying on top of the mountain.


nanananananananaahnanananananananaah biological object —————————

So, sometimes tinkling lying bodies sounds like this during the performance. The project makes an attempt to popularize knowledge about the human body beyond the concept of healthy lifestyle, beyond the body, beyond smh else … .Also, it accumulates new knowledge.

-Ivan, are you circumcised?

The musical as programm is proceeding according to the plot: diagnosis -pain -anesthesia -operation-cyborg-teleportation— re — rudimentation — new body with new functions -what?

A project invited to read the text and sing songs (projection on the ceiling), created by a text generator. In St. Petersburg, it existed as a performance, with spectators and real performers. At this stage, we were interested to create a collective immovable musical with participation of human voices themselves, gravity, body weight and mass of speech. Performative text of the project came through some kind of teleport (formal connections) so finally we got blocks separated. Afterwards we reconstructed textual base and got the plot:: diagnosis—pain—anesthesia—surgery—cyborg— teleportation— RErudimemtation — new body with new functions — what?

What can happen if my rudiments recover to its true functions after teleportation??