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APART -> Sensitive antennae. Performance

Terms: from the future at the present, quick knowledge, all to all, extractive capitalism, desire, mother-machine, practices of ourselves, production drama, digital proletariat, practice of small movements, extensions, speculative synthesis, tongue and teeth of creativity, protocols of self-organisation, great stone

The performance comprised a collage of texts that were created by the collective last year and were hyperconnected, changed, and customized. The group was focused on the topics of Precarity, Labor, Full automation, with the performance narrative being based on two stories: a more practical one, focused on NOW and the artists’ personal experience with collectivity, neoliberal critique in the post-soviet country, which fluently passed to imagination of a fully automated society. AI called ADA is speaking about new society and what she had to change. The story worked with theories of Russian Cosmism, Xenofeminism, Slovak neo-avantgarde and problematized a concept of laziness.