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Cara Tolmie -> "Gender of Sound" Listening Session

Terms: intimate interfaces, political dancefloor, practices of ourselves, psychodata, rhythm, quick knowledge

For the listening session each participant is asked to bring a sound or piece of music that you wish to discuss in relation to gender. You will not be expected to present these to the group as an expert, rather the object of this session will be to excavate all the signs and associations that we can from each sound together in discussion.

Attempting to find ways to listen together with specific emphasis on how we might hear these sounds through a frame of gender, these sessions will endeavour to find a collective language in order to reflect upon what we hear, how it affects our bodies, its poetic dimension, its political implication and how this might relate both to personal and collective experience. These are open sessions that hope to learn and find a shared language from a wide range of listeners. It is important to us that this project lay its foundations on a wide range of testimonies from friends, peers and strangers. All experience or inexperience, passion, scepticism, excitement and taste towards music is welcomed.

Gender of Sound is a research project led by Susanna Jablonski and Cara Tolmie that explores past, present and future debates on the position of gender, performativity and resistance within sound. It is supported and funded by the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm 2017-19. More information here