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The Center for the Research on Intimate Interfaces (Polina Shilkinite, Sasha Pistoletova, Jozhi Stolet) -> JOY: DATABASE OF DANCE MOVES FOR RAVE

Terms: joy acceleration, 8-BIT DESIRE, h o o o o o o w w w w w l, corridor anomalies, outsourcing, all to all, yesterday's unalienated celebration, collection, dispersed collectivity, social choreography, political dancefloor, rhythm, repetition

This project is a production of acceleration. We understand acceleration as a ride with the wind in a burst of pure joy. During raves we don’t use other technologies except our own bodies and bodies of other people. We offer to ride on your body and on a strangers bodies for the production of pure joy. Each Teenage MUTANT NINJA TURTLE has its own type of weapon and methodology for this weapon, same way every dancer has his own best move for dancing and for body automatization.


  1. Biohacking without surgery and medicine (except for doping): you can put on rollers and go (the body moves itself), you can implant the chip, and the door will open by itself. We suggest that you use someone else’s movement and its repetition, hack the body.

  2. Pure joy is produced by repetition. Repetition of someone else’s movement is like a machine or a car that moves without purpose. When I repeat for you, my body moves itself. Your dance moves is my machine.

  3. The database is presented in the form of a website on google server and in a form of a practice at a party/rave/social evening WH!PH!. Approximate time 1.5 hours.

Practice: first we dance of dance moves from the site’s base, then everyone can offer their dance moves, which then we put into the database.

Individual dance moves will be collectivized!