2018 -> Archive
Frida Sandström -> Inburst. Discussion and movement session

Terms: from the future at the present, corridor anomalies, yesterday's unalienated celebration, practices of ourselves, dispersed collectivity, social choreography, practice of small movements, joy acceleration, political dancefloor, speculative synthesis, rhythm, coincidance

By claiming the present, dance is always beyond its own work. In the very same moment as it takes place, dance is un-working. The difficulty to call it an art(work) can be traced historically, where it’s work is also its artwork: ergon is parergon, production is product. This separates dance from all other artforms.

This talk traced what we could learn from an artform where the frame of the piece is under constant negotiation: economically, spatially and temporally. What does the history of dance say about the self-sustaining precarity of a contemporary body at work, today?