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Gleb Napreenko -> Podcast "Work and rest in psychoanalysis". The work of truth, the price of knowledge.

Terms: corridor anomalies, affective labour, quick knowledge, desire, production drama, pharmachoreography, sanatorium, terror of relationship, care virus, weak disease

Suppose a patient comes to a session of psychoanalysis and lies on the couch. Does he/she work at this time? Does he/she rest? Or, more precisely, what is inside of him that does a work in the process of analysis? And from what does he/she rest at the session? Finally, what does he/she pay for? What is the specificity of the work of a psychoanalyst? In what relations is it with hard work of a scientist — for example, Faust? How does the psychoanalytic concept of pleasure relate to the modern neoliberal conditions of production, labor and leisure? Gleb Napreenko will not let you sleep until you are up to.