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Maria Rybka and Yuriy Kuzmenko -> “Plants will be everywhere”. Video

Terms: corridor anomalies, outsourcing, extractive capitalism, desire, object, digital proletariat, extensions, places of transparency, self-destructing structures, htp, great stone, intoxication

In the body of capitalism, efficiency and the creative economy there are gaps. Empty shiny pavilions store the remains of former luxury — gold letters and mannequins in bright T-shirts. Nearby are still selling fantasy pantyhose and pre-owned phones, but you can see less desire to consume it, the new forms of consumption and recreation replace the old good Consuming in malls, where you need to communicate with shop assistants, asking for the necessary size, price — starting dialogue. The tower of the shopping center is empty, at the mall’s apex people drink beer in the billiard room in 12 AM, in the same time boutiques with the inviting inscription “RENT” are occupied by plants. There are a lot of them, they are different, they sprout through the wasteland and fill them. New green tenants change the quality of space, turning it from a place of interaction and consumption into a place for contemplation, stopping steps and time of rare mall’s guests.