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Helga Zinzyver -> DJ set "Sleeping music"

Terms: dispersed collectivity, intimate interfaces, political dancefloor, practice of small movements, yesterday's unalienated celebration

Flowing waves of sound fill the sleep space. The air is woven from fragments of conversation, popular compositions, unknown improvisations.

The experience of the excluded DJ: Can you play more cheerful music? We can’t dance. — Ok, you don’t have to dance. This is a disco for tired people.

You don’t have to move at all, you can watch the pulses of the cerebral cortex. You can talk, sing, keep silent, dream, to be present here and now, there and then, inside and after. You can dance, of course, too. If you want.

In performative-sound practice Helga proposes to stretch the concept of “disco” and move (or not move) guided by internal sensations from sound waves.

Helga Zinzyver is a researcher at Delay Department of RI for doing nothing.