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Ilya Firdman -> Injections of Pure Time (interactive performance)

Terms: corridor anomalies, pharmachoreography, practice of small movements, practices of ourselves, rhythm

No one has ever enough time. Time is taken away from us by job that we love, is taken away by job that we hate, by one’s everyday functions and bad habits. For freeing our time we can reorganize everyday life or political reality, but situation can become so urgent that one have to get an injection of pure time here and now. Ilya Firdman, researcher of Idleness Research Institute, offers you a replacement therapy developed by him: you get a pill containing time and can dive into pure idleness for some minutes while the therapist taking over your time-robbing business.

Ilya Firdman is a researcher at Fundamental Minimization of Action Department of n i i c h e g o d e l a t (SRI for doing nothing).