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Marina Russkikh and Helga Zinzyver -> Boring Dance

Terms: practice of small movements, affective labour, yesterday's unalienated celebration, desire, practices of ourselves, path stop, political dancefloor, weak disease, rhythm

After a night of insomnia, the body grows weaker, Becomes beloved, and no one’s, — not even your own. Just like a seraph, you walk, smiling at people, And arrows, stuck in slow veins, continue to moan. (By Marina Tsvetaeva)

Having failed in a field of curating and criticism in the sphere of the contemporary art, the former pensioner, and nowadays a researcher at SRI for doing nothing (n i i c h e g o d e l a t) Marina Russkikh had endured a severe nervous breakdown which led to insomnia and procrastination. The woman tries to recover from an illness with help of medicamentous and other means.