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Maria Sarycheva and Elena Ischenko in collaboration with Blue 321 -> Secret Car

Terms: all to all, care virus, corridor anomalies, dispersed collectivity, joy acceleration, practices of ourselves, spontaneous grassroots alternative

Could Car possible became your close relative? Could Batmobile expect to have something bigger with Batman? Could you stop to think about Car only in terms of transport? Could you legally marry her, or she will always remain your lover? Could you acknowledge her labour?

Secret Car is an object in digital reality with a purpose to challenge gamers to research new territories and to go beyond game’s plot. But what if Secret Car is the one with whom you spend most of your free time? What if Secret Car is an intimacy territory? What if Secret Car is a shelter, long waited rest? During Work Hard! Play Hard! Maria Sarycheva and Elena Ischenko is going to practice not included collectivity. We are with you but we are not here. We communicate with each of you. We probably know more than you although we are not participating fully. We are going to kidnap the one who tired with a purpose to learn about new recreation locations, to find lost leisure and together with Blue 321 to have some rest beyond scenarios of Work Hard! Play Hard!