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Virgile Novarina -> "Inner Telescope, a Space Artwork by Eduardo Kac"

Terms: extensions, from the future at the present, production drama, rhythm

Created by the artist Eduardo Kac to exist in weightlessness and to be made on board the International Space Station by French astronaut Thomas Pesquet, the work Inner Telescope lays the foundation for a new form of art and poetry, freed from the constraints of gravity. The film “Inner telescope, a space artwork by Eduardo Kac”, takes us on an artistic and scientific journey from the conception of the work in Eduardo Kac’s studio in Chicago to its realization in orbit by Thomas Pesquet, 400 km away from Earth, during the Proxima mission of the European Space Agency.

With Eduardo Kac, Thomas Pesquet, Gérard Azoulay, Hugues Marchal and Thierry Duquesne. Directed by Virgile Novarina. A production of the Observatoire de l’Espace, the art-science lab of the French Space Agency (CNES), with the assistance of ESA and the support of the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation.