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Andrew Paterson and Anna Huana -> Polyamory as the cat in the bag

Hosted participatory discussion event

Terms: alienation, repetition, care virus, all to all, affective labour, collection, corridor anomalies, desire, path stop, practices of ourselves, terror of relationship, protocols of self-organisation

This session opened for discussion the relationship between polyamory–the maintaining of multiple caring, intimate, and love relations, physical or conceptual–and the flexible, multi-project work of artistic and cultural production which involves more than one other. If one accepts that love is often a motivator for many intensive and intimate exchanges with another collaborator, be it a particular site, community, persons human or non-human, over time.. And that one may be juggling several ongoing commitments in parallel.. Maybe Polyamory is something we should discuss more..

Introductory Notes:
* Not knowing something is a good start for cultural production * Aim to not make presentation but to guide discussion
* Polyamory as increasing considered approach, but arguably still marginal.
* Historical and more contemporary references, but rather hope to encourage discussions based on lived opinion and experience
* 2nd person statements to start and encourage discussion in either Russian or English
* Gender neutral, inclusive of Hetero, LGBTQIA positions