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Anna Tereshkina, Helga Zinzyver -> Krasnye Zori


Terms: rhythm, repetition, care virus, affective labour, path stop, political dancefloor, protocols of self-organisation, production drama, yesterday's unalienated celebration

A disco/gig and a talk about internal working of self-proclaimed musical collaborations. Our collective itself is a method of selfcare. On the discussion we talked about relationships that are generated in collective work provided horizontal, empathic and caring, as well as accepting one’s own and someone else’s weakness. This is invisible work of each of us.

Keywords: #impostorsyndrome #serious-notserious #nopurpose #mutations

We, collective Krasnye Zori, were organized in January 2019, but we made our first compositions in December, at that time behind the false front of alternative membership of another group, Devichja Familia Vashej Materi. Later it was revealed that we’re able to make something different. Compilation of electronic bits and field recordings is built according to the text construction. Text reminds psychotherapy seance and music can be put on the difficult listening genre. Both is an alienation of our personal traumatic experience / experience of disease through music and text. It turns out into sublimation clots 7-15 minutes long, that draw listeners in sophisticated sound system or organism.