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Anton Lapov and Larion Lozovoy -> Green-eyed Taxi Cab


Terms: rhythm, alienation, repetition, exclusion of non-perspective pedestrians, 8-BIT DESIRE, digital proletariat, exploitation of hidden motivation, intimate interfaces, joy acceleration, production drama, psychodata, quick knowledge, self-destructing structures

Fiction: after the end of the war in the Balkans, Niko Bellic could not find a decent job for a long time, and, in his own words, did a lot of stupid things. Having fled abroad, he got a job working in the taxi depot of his brother Roman — a remarkably fishy place. Accustomed to hardship, he started working several shifts in a row. Soon, his efficiency brought him into conflict with other taxi drivers from the depot. Reality: immigrant communities in Italy use their own taxi network (“kabu kabu”) — illegal and cheap. You need to know a certain number to order the cab.

A twitch-stream was set – a marathon simulation of the taxi-driver labor in the Grand Theft Auto IV sandbox-setting. The game code has been modified to create an in-game radio station, curated DJ Tatamovich (Lugansk Contemporary Diaspora, Occasionally, the driver would start a conversation, especially at the beginning of the shift.