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Video screening

Terms: great stone, intoxication, exclusion of non-perspective pedestrians, alienation, dacha, extractive capitalism, production drama, self-destructing structures

The story is focused on Košovsko-Laskar wetlands located near the problematic coal power plant. We chose the Košovsko-Laskár wetlands as a key motive, located in the Central-Western Slovakia, rare and probably the only example of emerging wetlands and marshes in Slovakia. They are formed as a by-product of the underground extraction of coal near the Nitra river. These wetlands have been created for over 40 years of coal mining done under the surface. The landscape has been changed, large sinkholes have been created, affecting the housing. This landscape change has pushed people away from the area, forming biotopes as a way for the nature to cope with the radical intervention to the ecosystem. After several years it was abused again by a crisis situation in the currently operating mine, which drained the water from its flooded bowels to the surface. When the miners began to pump it straight into the creek, their skin was burned. Water mixture of ash and hydraulic emulsion managed to kill all life in that creek and all of its ichthyofauna.