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Egor Sofronov -> Personalize This β€” Towards the Commons

Participatory session based on user-generated content.

Terms: repetition, weak disease, coincidance, 8-BIT DESIRE, all to all, collection, digital proletariat, intimate interfaces, object, practices of ourselves, psychodata, quick knowledge

Participatory session based on user-generated content. Narrations of neurochemical attention chains, individual pathologies or tactical microgestures of evasion, cunning or submission, of filter bubbles, of privacies turned outside out all over, narcissist mirages, computable and alienable self-representations.

Share your personalized trajectory of manipulations, show a video you took, fragments from your Insta-stories archive, flags of unread messages or feeds you administer, personal obsession and/or stratagem.

If algorithmic personalization has atomizaion as its principle and result (of the neoliberal subject, comprehensively computable and quantifiable for monetization and control), then Personalize This — Towards the Commonsfeeds on anxious humor of memes towards a blueprint of a communitarian social ecology of comradely relation with devices, of revolutionary influencers, emancipatory virality that generates new worlds.

Insofar as bed is the locus of accumulation and expenditure of the weak body that experiences distress and lack of agency facing the planetary scales of the effects of late capitalism, then the smartphone is the tool of production which operationalizes minuscule differences of the everyday choreography. In it, the repetition of gesture occludes in the automatism of appropriation the rhythms of mass disorders and potentialities, addictions and causalities that have a general character.