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Online-discussion and shy ceremony

Terms: great stone, weak disease, repetition, exclusion of non-perspective pedestrians, extractive capitalism, from the future at the present, practice of small movements, self-destructing structures, protocols of self-organisation, production drama, social choreography, tongue and teeth of creativity

Anya Litovskih, fail security: «Bereznyaky is famous for its’ failures. Sinkholes in Bereznyaky city appears as a result of soil subsidence — thy city was built right on the saltmine which is now full of groundwater. The sinkholes in the city surrounded by fences and guarded by UralKaliy company, which is responsible for these failures in some ways. Recently the company hired female security service. These women spending their time watching CCTV and looking after the size of sinkholes. Some of them silently walking along the fence, it’s prohibited for them to talk.

These failures of the ground is one of the most boring topics for discussions with citizens of Bereznyaki. Almost everybody with whom we talked about it mentioned, that they were afraid when it happened for the first time but later they get used to it. I guess I can relate to it somehow. It is a pity when people want to talk with you about your fails only, you want to forget it as soon as possible.»

We decided that our personal and collective failures should be guarded the same way, maybe even more intense. While everything around us is poisoned with the logic of success, our failures perceived as a side effect. These side effects causing us meltdowns and slowing our actions, its motivates us to get up and continue to move on. It’s time to change the optic and started to value our failures. We need to take care of our failures, accept its’ fragility and weakness, somewhere on the edge of our everyday life.