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Matthieu Levet -> Rumours

Field recordings, sound archives

Terms: 8-BIT DESIRE, affective labour, all to all, care virus, corridor anomalies, dispersed collectivity, h o o o o o o w w w w w l, rhythm, yesterday's unalienated celebration

Matthieu Levet brought tapes and several recorders to create a very raw sound archive of what has happened during the days of WHPH, with the idea to capture the energy more than any actual content. He used a tape per day, one side for the day, one for the night.

Lost in translation, he worked mainly with what he feels interesting soundwise, resulting in a weird cut up of voices and sounds.

The process is the most important thing here. The final destination of this material will have to be discussed between us (it could stay totally private or result in a published soundwork with or without context explained), but the sound collection would already result in a first digest version that would be presented during a listening session at the end of the week.

There are more questions than answers on topics like art, politics, international exchange and communication at the moment and there is a feeling that this sound collection would be an interesting way to encapsulate the fluidity of this complex present.

Listen to the Matthieu Levet “Rumours” whph_tapes_full_collection here.