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Nataliya Protassenia, Sergey Babkin -> Hahathon Festival of Smiles

Moderated collective interaction

Terms: 8-BIT DESIRE, alienation, all to all, collection, digital proletariat, htp, intoxication, psychodata

Hahathon Festival of Smiles is a collective practice organized to research the formation of communities and identities, their temporalities and possibilities of disintegration. The overdose of meme consumption is expected during the practice. The humor of a meme is without any strung anticipation (or with an anticipation that collapsed into a single moment) but with the de-escalation into nothing — just like in the old times. The sudden appearance of a meme in a social network or imageboard feed launches the formation of an elusive microcommunity: this way the sensible is redistributed in a superfast way when the subjectivity forms around an urgently signed agreement stating “This is funny!” Hahathon is an attempt to slow down the process taking place between the subject, the community and the meme. The tangible bodies of meme-consumers — all in one space. Will they be able to agree on who they are and what they want — through the mediation of the meme? And will the video “Oh, I thought that was an owl…” become a foundation of a political action?