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Netzwerk für revolutionäre Ungeduld // FUTUR3 festival-crew -> (ex)change - how to build a common thing

Common conversation

Terms: affective labour, all to all, care virus, dispersed collectivity, places of transparency, production drama, protocols of self-organisation, spontaneous grassroots alternative, tongue and teeth of creativity

In 2017 the collective “Netzwerk für revolutionäre Ungeduld” founded the art-festival FUTUR3 in Kiel. We wanted to change the things around us: By fighting for fair payments and better working conditions of artists. By uniting people from different backgrounds and genres in a more and more competitive society. By staging a festival that would fulfill all of those aims.

Indeed, in two years and two festivals we made some experiences, we even got some support from the city. But our initially questions are still the same: How can a network or collective succeed in fighting together? What organisational structure do we need for it? How can art(ists) change something? And how many of you would like to exchange your personal knowledge with us?