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Sasha Pistoletova and Yozhi Stolet -> Family party or reception of dear guests

Lecture and dinner-tale/talk

Terms: affective labour, care virus, cyberfeminism, intimate interfaces, intoxication, practices of ourselves, terror of relationship

I will cook beshbarmak for guests for the first time. I will not rehearse it. But I will definitely repeat something. What my Mom repeats after Kazakhs. What do they repeat? Repetition and difference? It is important to catch the simplicity in that dish. The simplicity of five fingers (bes-five, barma — fingers). I was born in the city of Arkalyk. We have family mixed with Kazakhs. I grew up on beshbarmak. My mother is Russian. She began to cook beshbarmak as a Kazakh woman only when we moved to Russia. Probably because in Arkalyk, there were enough Kazakh women in our family to cook cool besh. Mom got a bag where she put the most precious. Our family kept postcards of the city of Arkalyk. This the city has become a ghost town. Beshbarmak and cards — in our family – is what we carry with us as nomads. Kazakhs do not know the rhythm. Nomads have no closed loop. Their movements occur by crescent loop. This means that you cannot return, and this means that you are the worst dancer. Great that rave culture canceled the concept of “dancing well.” Kazakhstan is very dear to me. I want to pass it to my family — Yozhi Stolet. Let it happen right here during her lecture on the world after love.