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The Future Body At Work -> Frames at Work in Dance and Writing

Moving-writing practice

Terms: alienation, all to all, intimate interfaces, joy acceleration, left melancholy, political dancefloor, repetition, rhythm, yesterday's unalienated celebration

In this workshop, Frida Sandstrom and Kasia Wolinska shared methods that they have applied when replacing established concepts, names, and references from Western philosophy by concepts from dance and choreography — concepts that are derived directly from the living body at work. This time, the method was embodied by a format in which we engaged with a very simple practice of developing dance, of ‘awakening dance’.

To be present with one’s body-mind, muscle-mind, the me-body in the space of tides, burning fires and of comrading flow, is to observe and feel oneself, in movement just like in words. Acknowledging the movement of one’s surrounding: fellow dancers and absorptions of social constructs, we shake from within — thoughts and aspirations, dreams and grievances. Feeling and articulating, in both dance and words, movements emerge from the tiniest motion and yet they are realized with a clear purpose. Beyond the artwork as a construct, we both recognise and reshape the material circumstances for existence within movement, in the present moment.

Image by Ashiq Khondker.

In English.