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Three Julietttes (Uliana Bychenkova,Janna Dolgova, Inna Krasnoper) -> “Log-book of an interarousal language of transformation in the Cave-Hole-Zero”

Performative&physical presentation-engagement

Terms: care virus, coincidance, contingency, corridor anomalies, cyberfeminism, desire, intimate interfaces, intoxication, pharmachoreography, rhythm, terror of relationship, yesterday's unalienated celebration

This was a textual and material piece, that for personal and dramatic reasons, worked with different techniques and traditions of writing. It does so in order to acknowledge and pronounce an importance of Juliettte’s Affect at becoming-woman, as well as — in a situation when we are given to ourselves as objects.

In the light of critique of an affect, a self-touching and -reflecting mirror-world is engaged. We affirm this Juliettte’s Affect as a thing, that constitutes knowledge, connecting things to each other, and talks on the materiality being a significant force. As wells as – on small violating and deviating powers of unseen; on the necessity of a self-writing of transformation. It talks on not a nihilist Zero, on a necessity to free the darkness of a night from a black mark.