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Uliana Bychenkova, Aliaxey Talstou, Tatiana Efrussi -> Plein air coming out

Plein air session

Terms: all to all, care virus, dacha, joy acceleration, protocols of self-organisation, sanatorium, spontaneous grassroots alternative, yesterday's unalienated celebration

We invite you to fell out of the protocol of events and race of participating for a half of the day and get into observing of nature and each other at the outskirts of the city.

Our session is a drawing-painting plein air with simultaneous talks about nature, usual life, class contradictions, climate change and inter-species communication; participants can also remain silent if they wish to. Drawing of nature, slow peering and enjoyable admiring – this is a luxury and a secret pleasure. We invite you to cut out with shame and embrace this. During the session we also can talk about the trauma of art academies and artistic education (or unfulfilled dreams of it), reflect on visual practice as such. For participation you are not required to have any particular skills. We were staying at the bank of the reservoir, so bring your swimming suits. Please, bring your own tools and materials.