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Performance, Antipsychiatric stage play

Terms: alienation, care virus, corridor anomalies, dispersed collectivity, extractive capitalism, intimate interfaces, intoxication, pharmachoreography, production drama, weak disease

The play consists of a conversation and reading with the use of real-time video and fragments of audio recordings. Participants simultaneously act as performers, screenwriters and directors — each produces its own text and is able to influence the overall dramatic composition of the event.

The play addresses the feeling of ontological insecurity caused by contemporary forms of communication, the economic conditions of cognitive production and the neuroexistential revision of the foundations of the human psychics.

In a certain sense the piece is influenced by the anti-psychiatric plays of Robert Laing, where psychotic behavior is viewed as an emergency way out of the dead end in which person is placed by the close ones who use destructive patterns of interaction. However in this case not family collisions are considered as the main and primary factor of personal transformation but rather the social conditions and technologically determined communicative models due to which the modern subject feels unreal, incoherent, inconsistent, fragmented, nonautonomous or superautonomous, devoid of individuality and temporal continuity.