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Vita Zelenska, Marina Israilova -> Non_master_class “A favourite Song”

Singing workshop

Terms: all to all, coincidance, contingency, dispersed collectivity, h o o o o o o w w w w w l, intimate interfaces, joy acceleration, political dancefloor, psychodata, rhythm, speculative synthesis, tongue and teeth of creativity, yesterday's unalienated celebration

During our non-master-class we will sing our favourite or the most unloved songs in the slowliest way possible to boil down the stickiness of connections and check the possibility of change. We will sing along with all the participants, stretching the textual part of the songs, to evaporate all the density of sense and give it away to the others. This will remind you a little bit of the sonic meditations by Pauline Oliveros when all the participants are producing sounds together while listening carefully to each other’s sonic movements. The difference of this non-master-class, however, is that everybody is listening to the ruining of resonant texts.

Before that we will learn to perform a few songs as drag, just moving our mouths in the way the favourite or the most hated performer does it.

So your homework is to prepare a song that you want to get rid of, through which you want to tear your way through. Download it on your phone, remember it, catch it.